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"We are a village primary school in the heart of rural Berkshire. We strive for academic excellence while fostering a nurturing, supportive, Christian culture to ensure every child thrives and achieves their full potential."                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                  - Miss M Cliffe

Excellent teaching is the key to children fulfilling their potential. At Basildon we pride our self of recruiting, training and developing outstanding teachers and school leaders. Our team are highly skilled and passionate about bringing out the best in every child. The strong team ethos is central to Basildon’s success, we all work closely together to support every child and family in our community,

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At Basildon we pride ourselves on our high quality rich curriculum. As a school we are passionate about ensuring every subject area is deeply engaging and challenging from science to art to PE. Specialist teachers deliver certain areas of our curriculum such as French, music and sport. Each term our enrichment weeks offer children the opportunity for learning beyond the national curriculum. Our STEM, Personal & Spiritual and Arts weeks allow children to explore new concepts through exciting experiences such as architecture workshops, maths escape rooms and producing beautiful pieces of art for our annual exhibition. During these weeks our children also learn about careers they could go into in these fields.


Alongside academic excellence, at Basildon want our children to grow to be happy, resilient kind people. As a small school we are proud to be able to provide a nurturing environment where every child’s individuality is celebrated and developed. Our excellent PSHE curriculum teaches children how to understand their feelings and emotions. As a church school, spiritual development is central to our ethos. We encourage children to explore their own beliefs as well as understanding and celebrating the beliefs of others. Behaviour across the school is excellent, we teach our children to be intrinsically motivated rather than relying on a reward system. We believe that children should take ownership of their learning, through teaching our Thinking Skills curriculum, our students learn how they can achieve more and be successful.


We work hard to ensure that children leave Basildon with all the skills to help them succeed in later life. Our oracy curriculum helps our children to become confident and articulate speakers. Students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles throughout their time at the school including: school council, worship leaders, house captains and play leaders.

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Being active and spending time outdoors are central to good Wellbeing. We are incredibly fortunate at Basildon to have wonderful grounds. Our children love spending time exploring nearby woods in their forest learning, using the surrounding fields for cross-country and growing flowers in our allotments. Our sports curriculum offers a balance of traditional competitive sports such as football, hockey and cricket alongside alternative sports such as fencing, archery and orienteering. We aim to help every child find a sport they love. Alongside high quality sport lessons, we keep our children active throughout the day including our daily dash that punctuates our afternoons.

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Our team provides care from 8:00 am until 6:00 throughout term time. Children are welcome into the Hub for breakfast of afternoon tea, they can join in a range of fun creative activities from Lego to arts and crafts as well as enjoying our grounds once everyone else has gone home! We are pleased to be able to offer a huge range of extra curricula activities, before school, at lunch times and after school. These are refreshed on a termly basis but typically include a range of sports clubs such as: tennis, football, judo, fencing and netball. Arts based clubs such as: drama, choir, dance, art and creative writing. STEM based clubs such as: coding and maths detectives.  We also offer clubs to allow children to develop their spirituality such as: mindfulness and our philosophy club ‘See the World differently.

Our school day:

Arrival of children: 8.40-8.50am

Morning registration: 8.50am

Playtime: 10.30-10.45am

Lunch time: 12 noon-1pm

Playtime: Flexi break within classes

Hometime 3.30pm

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