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At Basildon C.E. Primary School, we hope to inspire all our children to embrace diversity and to develop a genuine interest and curiosity about the wider world. 


We believe that learning a foreign language provides children with a valuable educational, cultural and social experience. 


French is introduced from year 3 onwards and children are provided with the opportunity to develop communication and literacy skills that lay the foundation for future language learning as they transition to a secondary school setting.


Disadvantaged children and those with SEND are given full access to the modern foreign language curriculum. Teachers use a range of strategies to enable all children to become successful linguists including:

  • Word mats, templates and additional resources where appropriate

  • Additional adult support from teacher or LSA

What MFL at Basildon looks like in lessons:


  • Regular timetabled lessons

  • Oral and written work

  • Revise and revisit vocabulary

  • Various AFL strategies to identify and target additional support or challenge

  • Links to other areas of the curriculum

  • Individual and group learning activities

  • All children engaged in learning

  • Additional or adapted resources to support SEN



What MFL at Basildon looks like outside lessons:

  • Cross-curricular links to Geography and History

  • From EYFS onwards the opportunity to share stories and songs in different languages

  • Shared understanding and respect of different cultures

  • Celebration of different languages spoken at home

  • Classroom labels in mother tongue language to support EAL pupils

Formative Assessment


  • Verbal feedback – the majority of feedback is given in conversation with the child, allowing misconceptions to be spotted and effectively addressed at an early stage.

Summative Assessment

  • Modify lesson plans to remove barriers so all pupils meet the same objectives

  • Provide children with a range of opportunities to show their understanding

  • Dual coding of key vocabulary

To learn more , please click on the button below.

To learn more, please click on the button below.

Subject leaders map tier two vocabulary across each milestone and tier three vocabulary for each unit. Dual coding is used to support the discreet teaching of MFL vocabulary across the curriculum.

The school’s curriculum driver of diversity underpins the entire MFL curriculum. Teachers actively seek opportunities to promote and celebrate diversity across the curriculum where ever appropriate.

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