What is a Parent Council?

The Parent Council is a body of parents who are keen to support and develop the wider community voice,  led by the Headteacher, Miss Cliffe and the Chair of Governors, Mrs Hunter.  Our current members are: 

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What does the Parent Council do?


What is the Parent Council process?

We will operate in a clear and transparent way, following the process below:


  • Feedback sent through to PC Chair/Co-ordinator on an on-going basis

  • Feedback raised with school prior to the meeting​

  • Chair/Co-ordinator creates agenda (checks with school) and shares

  • Feedback reviewed in the meeting and actions assigned

  • Action points from previous meetings are reviewed in the meeting

  • Notes and Responses are posted on the Parent Council part of school website

  • Response to feedback posted on website as part of notes as well as any other appropriate channels (e.g., newsletter)