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Image by S. Tsuchiya

Our vision at all times is to provide an enriched educational experience for all, irrespective of age and that is why we are pleased to share the opening of our brand new nursery class from September 2021.  

Creating a designated foundation unit within the school will allow both the nursery and reception class to benefit from the extensive foundation outside area we are developing over the summer. The foundation unit will create a seamless transition for children through the school and enable us to ensure our values of Respect, Resilience and Excellence extend to the youngest children in our building. Miss Cliffe will have overall management of the nursery, with Mrs Loader utilizing her experience to lead the day to day running of the foundation unit. Mrs Sanderson & Mrs Zananiri will be teaching the Nursery class.

We shall be providing free 15 and 30-hour places with eligible funding, additional paid sessions and wraparound care from 7.45am – 6pm each day for children aged 2+.  To enquire about places, please email 


‘Stay & Play’ sessions for all new and prospective children and their parents will be available in early September 2021.  Please email to find out more.


Additional open days will be available during the Autumn term, including for those children who will be eligible to start in January 2022. Parent tours are now available and the full setting will be ready for visitors from late August.

To explore vital information about places, funding and  much more, please click on the buttons: below.

To find out more about the cost of attending Bears and that of the wraparound care available, please click here:

As a school, we have an Intimate Care Policy which is implemented when staff work with children in providing intimate care in our nursery class; for example, helping with toileting, soiling, and changing clothing. To find out more, please check the links below:

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