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The purpose of the BSA is to nurture the community spirit of our school and to raise funds.

What does the BSA do?

We organise events such as the Summer Fête, School Disco and Christmas Fayre as well as sales of items (edible or otherwise). These events have the aim of either fundraising or promoting ‘school spirit’ or more usually, both.


We coordinate a class rep system to act as a liaison between teachers and parents for classwide issues and to encourage a community feel amongst class parents.


We spend money raised to provide those little (or sometimes big) extras that can make the children’s experience of school really enriching and rewarding.

Who are the BSA?

If you are a parent or teacher of the school you are already a member of the BSA.

How can I get involved?

We hold regular meetings during term time alternating between morning and evening (to try to give everyone a chance to get to at least every other meeting).


We always need and are grateful for other parents are willing to muck in with cake making, refreshment serving, event organising, sweet talking, creative thinking and much more.


We love to see new people and it’s always a friendly atmosphere so do join in. You only have to volunteer for what you want to do and you will be very much appreciated!

If you have any ideas, feedback or want to know more about anything the BSA does, please email 

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