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Every child at the school is able to attend Basildon Extra. It runs before and after school every day and offers a range of activities.

First Day? Last Day? What? When?

BE will operate every day school is open, offering both breakfast club and extended club sessions.

Our activities will run through to 16th December 2022.  Every effort is made to avoid cancellations: in the event an activity cannot run on a particular afternoon, your child(ren) are encouraged to attend our extended club session instead.


Our BE Clubs, 3.30 – 4.30 p.m. daily are available across the ages and cater for a variety of interests.  In the interests of safety, these sessions are registered – the children are signed in by our Playleader in the hall, taken to the activity by its leader and returned to BE leader by the activity leader where the parents sign them out when they are picked up. Check out the timetable below. These activities must be paid for in advance when booking.

Our BE Breakfast, 7.45 - 9.00 am and BE Teatime 4.30 – 6.00 p.m. daily are available to all. Again in the interests of safety, these sessions are registered – the children are signed in by our Playleader in the hall and the parents sign them out when they are picked up.  We offer guided play and snack time from 4.30 – 5 p.m. and then a focus from 5 p.m. after our activities have finished, maximising the fun!  Check out the timetable below.


When we finish school at 2 p.m. there is no BE Teatime available.  Thank you for your understanding.

To book your child on to Basildon Extra please log on to your school gateway account.  


Please note cancellation of regular bookings require 5 days' notice or full payment. 

Below is an example of the Basildon Extra schedule:

Monday: Reading Zone

Tuesday: Fun with Words

Wednesday: Science Special

Thursday: Number Crunch

Friday:  Breathe, Relax, Colour


KS1 Gymnastics

KS1 Lego & Construction (term 2 only)

KS2 Dance

KS2 Cooking (Term 2 only)

All-age Woodland School (term 1 only)


KS1 Carfts

KS2 Circuit Training

KS2 Photo Art (term 1 only)

KS2 Gaming Unplugged (Term 2 only)


KS1 Bat & Ball

KS1 Karaoke Fun

KS2 Handicrafts

KS2 Football


KS1 Dance & Mindfulness

KS1 Lego & Construction (term 1 only)

KS1 Cooking (term 2 only)

KS2 Netball

We have restructured our after school offer for Mondays – Thursdays, in response to feedback received and the volume of children attending:

BE Clubs, 3.30-4.30pm

BE Plus4, 3.00-4.30pm (available to Bears only)

BE Plus5, 4.30-5.00pm – including healthy snack, fruit, drink etc.

BE Plus6, 4.30-6.00pm

On a Friday, our offer becomes BE FilmFriday, end of day – 5.00pm.  Fees are detailed below.

BE Plus sessions offer a variety of activities, easily accessed by the children as well as homework, reading and opportunities to relax.

It is a privilege to welcome some of our youngest school members to Basildon Extra.  Recognising that play is an all important part of learning, Bears will have the opportunity to continue to learn and play at BE in the Hub and Lemur classroom.  Bears will also be able to access Key Stage 1 clubs offered in the Hub or Lemur class as they feel they would like to.

  • Sukhleen Dillon  (Play Leader)

  • Mrs Boundey (Deputy Playworker)

  • Mrs Hadrill (Playworker)

  • Miss Deng (Playworker)

  • Mrs Whitney (Playworker)

  • Miss Lewis (Playworker)

  • Miss Ferris van Eyck (Playworker)

If you would like to find out more about Basildon Extra provision please contact the team on:

Basildon Extra

Please email for letting us know if you have made payment via BACS or Childcare vouchers.

If you have any financial queries, please contact:

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